FireOne™ Pyrotechnics Management

CueMaker 2000™

CueMaker 2000™ is the companion software to SCRIPTMAKER 2000™. CueMaker 2000™ is a part of the FireOne™ digital firing system. CueMaker 2000™ automatically calculates all wiring, cues assignments, firing modules quantities, field placements, and generates all reports.

CueMaker 2000™ is so simple to use it understates the immense power of its automated features. Seemingly simple, but logical, configuration and procedures streamline display setup and reduce the amount of field work required for most displays.

CueMaker's default configuration assigns a separate firing module to each physical "position" in the design of the display. Since these "positions" are physical locations in the field, this simple step dramatically reduces long wiring runs.

Within each "position" or physical field location, the pyrotechnic products are assigned in size order i.e. all 3" shells first, then 4" shells, then 5", etc.

Within each size, the same product types are grouped next to each other. This greatly reduces setup time as the same size mortar tubes are side-by-side. Electric match wires seldom require lengthening with this process. This also simplifies the "pick-list" to take shells from the magazine to the field.

Menu Selection

New - Creates new fire file from choreography sessions in ScriptMaker 2000™
Open - Open existing fire file for manipulation, changes or review.
Assignment Options - Provides cue and firing module assignments by selectable criteria (1) by Size - which is the default (2) by Launch Time (3) by Effect, or several other criteria.
Tools - Set number of cues per rail (slat)
File - Create file for transferring fire files between computers.

Channel Selection

The default assignment of firing modules allows them to be connected to any of the eight available outputs, "channels", of the Master Module. This default is defined as "Any".

The eight output "channels" support a host of advanced firing configuration features. Additionally, each output "channel" is a physically independent power and data source that provides a high degree of redundancy for connecting a large number of firing modules for complex displays. To set a firing module to a specific "channel" just drag the icon "box", for the particular module, to the desired channel.

Firing Module Assignments

When a ScriptMaker file (xxx.scr) is imported into CueMaker 2000™, the wiring for all of the firing modules and cues are automatically assigned. When all the cues for a given module are assigned to product (shells) to be wired, the boxes are displayed with closed tops. When all cues on a given module are not assigned the box is shown with an open top, indicating that some of the cues are still available.

In the default mode, "Any", up to 99 firing modules may be assigned. Each module has 32 possible cues to utilize so there are a total possible cues of 3,168. Each cue can fire up to ten electric matches in parallel for a total of 31,680 electric matches.

In the "channelized" mode of assigment each firing module is assigned to a specific channel which provides a maximum of 792 possible firing modules. With 32 cues per module a total of 25,344 cues are available. Each cue can fire up to ten electric matches, in parallel, for a total of 253,440 electric matches.

CueMaker 2000™ provides flexibility for the FireOne™ System to handle extremely large fireworks displays.

Cue Assignments

Highlighting any firing module in the Firing Module Assignment area will display a listing of product that is assigned to each cue for the selected module. Specific information relating to an individual cue is displayed such as launch time, location, etc.

A comprehensive set of reports is available from the menu providing information on all aspects of the display.

Rail/Cue Report - This report prints out, on a single page, all product assigned to a specific rail and firing module. This report is extremely useful in physically setting up the display in the field and in packing product at the plant.
Break-Time Report - This report prints out, in time order, when the product will display in the sky.
Launch-Time Report - This report prints out, in time order, when the product will fire (in order to display correctly in the sky). Multiple, simultaneous shells are grouped for easy identification.
Position Report - This report provides a printout of all the product used in a program by physical location, i.e., Center, Right, Left, Fronts. This is useful for field setup.
Totals Report - This report lists the total number of each type of product used in a program, sorted by size, and provides a total cost by product type for the overall fireworks display.

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