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FireVoice™ is a software program used in conjunction with ScriptMaker to produce a voice track instructing the operator when to fire each cue - with all the back timing done automatically. FireVoice™ can be used with any manual firing system from any manufacturer.

FireVoice™ creates a pristine digital audio program that contains your music sound track and a computer generated voice cue track with firing commands. This program file can then be transferred to a CD directly in your computer or to an external tape, digital tape, minidisk, etc.

  • Works with ANY manual firing system.
  • Significantly reduces the time consuming task of creating a choreographed fireworks display that can be manually fired.
  • Automatically creates the music track while simultaneously creating the voice-announced firing command track.
  • Firing command wording is user selectable.
  • Uses the ScriptMaker graphical interface to reduce learning time.
  • Provides a "conflict resolution" report that informs the operator of firing commands that would be difficult to manually fire.
  • Low Cost.

Producing a manually fired, choreographed fireworks show with FireVoice™ is as easy as A - B - C

A. Produce the music score

If you are working with an organization to produce a fireworks display, the organization will likely provide the music score. In the rare case where you have the freedom to select the music score, you will need to create the audio program.

Create a music score utilizing a third party audio editing program. There are many suitable editing programs available such as Cool Edit, Cakewalk, Cubase, ProTools, Digital Performer, Final Cut, Digidesign, Sound Forge, Digital Performer, Goldwave, etc. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to edit your audio program to your taste.

B. Create the Choreography Program

The music score will reside in your computer as a .wav file. This .wav file will have a name such as "America.wav". The music score .wav file will be loaded into FireOne's ScriptMaker choreography software. Creating the fireworks choreography is easy with ScriptMaker. ScriptMaker software provides all the features needed to produce world-class fireworks displays. With ScriptMaker you can hear and see the music as it plays. ScriptMaker's unique point-and-click features allow the operator to place the fireworks in the music program with a click of the mouse button. ScriptMaker will automatically back-time the fireworks to display in the sky at the proper time. ScriptMaker will produce a file with the same name as your music score except the extension of the file will be .scr. In this case the name of the ScriptMaker file would be "America.scr".

C. Open the FireVoice™ Program on Your Computer

Open the FireVoice™ program and load in the .scr file choreographed with ScriptMaker. Select your choice of firing commands. FireVoice™ will automatically assemble a voice cue track of firing commands that will be combined with your music program to create a perfect digital recording that can be transferred to a CD or other audio source. This recording can be used with any manual firing system to fire a high quality choreographed fireworks display.

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