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ScriptMaker 2000 builds on the legacy of ScriptMaker, the choreography software of choice for fireworks professionals the world over. Fireworks professionals know that an investment in ScriptMaker 2000 is a wise financial investment. ScriptMaker 2000 saves time, and time is money.

ScriptMaker 2000 is the world's first fully integrated choreography software package that provides users with total manipulation of all choreography elements from a single computer screen. ScriptMaker 2000's proven point-and-click operation shortens the learning curve for new users and provides extremely rapid choreography development for experienced users. To insert a shell into a music program, simply point to the correct time in the music waveform, then point to the appropriate shell, click the mouse button and you are done. It's really that simple! With ScriptMaker 2000 it all takes place in your computer. ScriptMaker 2000 locks the shells to the music and automatically creates the back timed firing program for ANY FIRING SYSTEM.

ScriptMaker 2000, written especially for Windows to take advantage of the 32 bit operating system, provides a level of control, flexibility and efficiency not attainable with any other fireworks choreography software. ScriptMaker 2000 features include:
  • NEW real time, on screen time base selection of all SMPTE/MIDI time bases
  • The highest resolution time base in the industry at 10 milliseconds

Additional features include:
  • Supports multiple shell databases
  • NEW extensive, time saving, cut and paste features
  • NEW import and export routines
  • NEW manual firing system support
  • NEW exclusive Drag and Drop choreography screen
  • NEW music waveform control features
  • NEW Effects and Events sorts
  • New linkage to DisplayMaker
  • NEW report options
  • NEW no music choreography options.
  • NEW Digital firework animation provides realtime visual choreography display.
ScriptMaker 2000 incorporates a digital visual simulation screen that allows the user to review choreography sessions in real time. The software features a proprietary, high quality, particle engines that impart realistic qualities to digital fireworks animation. This digital simulation provides actual views of the fireworks display as it fires to the music score.

Simulating realistic visuals of the display, ScriptMaker’s digital visual simulation is a useful tool for visual verification of choreographed segments. When rendered and exported to a standard DVD the visual animation becomes a valuable sales tool.

ScriptMaker 2000, combined with its companion software, CueMaker 2000, provides the ability to efficiently synchronize pyrotechnics with music, using digital precision, to create breathtaking effects that are simply not possible with other software and hardware systems.

The combination of ScriptMaker 2000 and CueMaker 2000 were designed to increase user productivity and save money by saving time. CueMaker 2000 will dramatically reduce your display setup and wiring time.

ScriptMaker 2000 delivers more features and benefits than any comparable software on the planet. . . but don't take our word for it. Call or email for a list of users who can tell you how ScriptMaker 2000 has radically decreased their workload.

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