FireOne™ Pyrotechnics Management

Welcome to FireOne™, the world's most advanced digital fireworks firing and choreography system.

Hailed by the New York Times as "the Photoshop of the fireworks world," FireOne™ is a combination of hardware and software utilized to create simple manually fired fireworks displays or breathtaking choreographed displays that your clients will love.

The Fire One System utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide capabilities not available with other firing systems.
  • Complete control over show design and creativity. If your mind can conceive the concept FireOne can execute your concept.

  • Synchronization of pyrotechnics and music with pinpoint digital precision (.01 second choreography resolution and .001 firing accuracy) to create breathtaking effects.

  • User-friendly interface with the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Windows

  • Total assurance of show site setup and testing.

  • Continuously updated software features based upon client needs

  • Make timing changes on the fly

  • Slash display-setup and design times by 50% over competitor’s system.

  • World-class customer support day and night; weekdays and weekends

"Using the FireOne system has literally reduced our show design and set-up time by 45%"
        Zambelli International
        New Castle, PA

"We're now able to actualize with relative ease display effects so complex they could only have existed in my mind's eye prior to FireOne your system is changing the way I imagine Fireworks!"
        KEN CLARK
        Artistic Director
        Boston, MA

"It's fast, it's easy and I can design any fireworks effect that I can imagine."
        ART ROZZI
        Rozzi Fireworks
        Cincinnati, Ohio

""The FireOne system continues to provide me with cutting edge technology and innovations year after year. I use it for my most challenging shows."
        Fireworks by Grucci
        Long Island, NY

"Event companies in Australia require shows to be unique, dynamic and spectacular. The use of FireOne has given us the ability to achieve this expectation. FireOne has enabled us to create shows that were before not possible."
        Foti's International Fireworks

No other system, at any price, offers the features, flexibility and precision of the Fire One system.

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